Episode 2

Forgiveness and Anger - 2021 Update (Part 2)

Here is the first episode I recorded for the 2021 season however since this was recorded we lost Mum so I stopped recording

So enjoy part 2 of the first episode of 2021!!

This episode talks about forgiveness and anger. Forgiveness doesn't have to be for the person you are forgiving. A lot of the time it is for you.

Note, this podcast covers themes of childhood trauma, addiction and mental illness.

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A tale of childhood trauma and the fight to create my own life.

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Nick Ginsburg

Hello there! Lovely to meet you!

I grew up in South East Queensland and currently reside in Melbourne with my husband Richard and our dog Max.

By day I’m an Executive Assistant to a Senior Vice-President at a Group of Eight University and by night I am a Professional Speaker and Founder of The Admin Collective, helping administrative professionals from around the world achieve their full potential. For me, there is no greater joy than helping people.

In 2020 I started the Open Drive. A space to share my story and show that despite the odds you can create your own path in life.

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